User Experience Design - Designing for Intent

Systems and technology need to connect with people to be effective.  My UX design processes begin and end with that human connection.  The initial phase of becoming knowledgeable of the client's business needs (Business Deep Dive) and their intents for the digital product creates a solid foundation on which to build a design strategy.  

User discussions and research allow me to build UX roadmaps that clearly define concepts and direction.  For products that will have a large number and variance of user types, I engage in activities to further define the best possible solutions. These processes I have used with success are: Kano Model, Max Diff and Scenario Mapping.  

Prototyping and Usability testing of the designs offer more insight into how the UX can be optimized.


User Interface Design - Effective Systems

Based on findings through the UX Design processes, I generate wireframe designs to visually convey and capture the User Interface workflow and features.  The initial design phase produces UI wireframes that display how the product will look, work and feel to set a baseline expectation for developers and project stakeholders.  

Managing user discussions through this prototyping phase provides invaluable feedback and through high velocity iterations I evolve my designs until the interface reaches approval.  

During this process I weave visual design elements into the wireframes to provide more of the final look and feel.

Visual Design - No Pixel Left Behind

So many systems and solutions are being built rapidly on top of popular frameworks that everything looks the same.  I love the power of these frameworks, but if we don't take the time to breathe the individuality of your business persona into the design you risk spending time and money to be just another app in a crowded galaxy of apps.

Polish and customization of your design will allow users to separate you from the crowd as well as convey to them that you realize visual aesthetics are as valuable as the system running beneath it - emotional elements that carry much weight in a market place that is becoming more discerning every day.

My visual philosophy is not just to apply eye candy. Color theory matters in digital design. Contrast has to be spot on, consistency in colors assist the user as they traverse the interface and the ever important communication of your brand hinges on the correct palettes to be selected and utilized correctly.

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